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A Four Course Package

Consumers are flooded with choices daily. Food brands and products consistently emerge to create multiple options for all types and varieties. That doesn't mean you build your brand for mass appeal—it means you focus on your product's authentic story to inform your brand and build the rest—like packaging—around that.

Avoid the rising tides and ride the wave by hopping into our well-built branding & packaging raft.

We chose the strongest base for our raft — branding.

We believe that effective branding happens when you combine strategy with expertise to achieve specific goals. Branding begins by looking inward to ultimately connect with the outside world. It considers existing perspectives; market analysis; and what target audiences think, feel, and want. It's informed by relevant research. It utilizes colour, typography, design, and messaging to tell the world who you are—and why you're better than the competition. It is an investment whose value is defined by the objectives met.

Our Process:

Discovery Session

Storytelling workshop

External research

Strategy and analysis

Identity design and naming

Visual Identity


Measurement and management

Time to create the sail — packaging.

In 1999, a business historian completed a research report. He discovered that as early as the 1930s, packaging occupied a unique position in the decision-making process of consumption. A product's success or failure was directly related to the efforts of the company to create, package, advertise, and distribute. Packaging was the "silent salesman” because design and aesthetics evoked emotion. While a lot has changed since the 1930s, the need to express brand values and persona, and create an appeal through packaging, remains paramount.

Our Process:

Kick-off meeting to chat scope, brand, packaging restrictions, and timeline

Send quote for approval

Build out concept for client presentation

Present concept for approval or revisions

If needed, a second concept deck with revisions

After approval, prepare finals and work directly with the packaging company

Send files to the appropriate suppliers and clients

Finish the pre-sail checklist — photography.

When consumers are faced with choosing a product they can't feel, touch, or taste, the imagery becomes key—it’s your selling feature. We understand the need to stand out with exceptional photos and video, more than what your smartphone or family camera is capable of.

Our Process:

Kick-off meeting to go through our checklist and evaluate your expectations

Send a quote for approval

Set the shoot date, gather the garnishes, send live pictures to give you a vibe check

Behind the scenes during shoot for social

Send photos for approval

Once approved, we package files for your use

Steer the raft into market — strategy.

Strategy can feel complicated—multiple appendixes, timelines, budgets, and calendars. We take a different approach—a simple, digestible way to understand the complex digital world.

Social Strategy:

  • Objectives and tactics
  • Social audience definition
  • Competitor breakdown
  • Content pillars
  • Platform breakdown
  • Content calendar (link and posting schedule)

Digital Strategy:

  • Assessment
  • Audience digital definition
  • Goals quick sheet
  • Budget
  • KPI tracking sheet
  • Master schedule

With all these components, your raft will have the strength to overcome a flood. Sail into sales and find your products flying off the shelves in no time!

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