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Food & Beverage Photography

How did we suck you in?
Was it a bribe?

Hopefully not. All we can offer is, like, a half-eaten granola bar and some sugar-free Red Bull—the rest is up to you! And our photographer.

Now that we’ve grabbed your attention, allow us to regale you with the deets of how we can make your food and beverages look so damn tantalizing, so satisfying, so alluring we’re at risk of shattering phone screens everywhere.

We know it can be tricky, especially in Saskatchewan, to find a food and beverage photographer that doesn’t break the bank or take photos that lean cafeteria over gourmet. That’s why we’ve perfected a process that reduces the overall cost.

Cost Range:


What’s with the range?

Listen, we just met. Wine and dine us before you hit us with the acquisition.

But if you must know, we leave the range to give you an idea of the bare minimum to the higher end, depending on your product and what kind of shots you’d like included. If you have a simple, preserved product in clean packaging, it’s understandably simpler than whipping up a chicken club sandwich on the BBQ in our parking lot and hitting the farmers market for fresh produce to dress it up.

Let’s Microwave This Process:

We meet—hi, yes, hello, shake of the hands

We’ll take you through our checklists to determine the scope of work and your expectations. There, you’ll tell us what you envision the product looking like and what you’d like the shots to include

We send a quote and chat it out!

Set the shoot date, gather the garnishes, send some sample pictures to give you a vibe check

While we’re shooting, we’ll grab some social videos and behind the scenes if needed

Post-shoot, after approval we’ll package the photos for delivery

To pour some sugar on it, we do more than just food photography. We offer videography and cost-conscious digital and social services to ensure eyes are on those photos. Ask us about

Can we order dessert now?

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