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So, what did they do? Did they hand you the card? Sneak it into your pocket? We told them to stop doing that.

If you’re reading this, you’re either a tech start-up, an investor, or a curious bystander. And we’ve got something for you.

Here's the scoop:

In the initial stages of a start-up, priorities will compete for your time and attention. There may not be investment capital to utilize for branding, and with a tutorial or two, it seems fairly simple to set up a logo or pull off a DIY website. But it’s a rare market that doesn’t ask you to compete at the highest level—giving yourself a fighting chance begins with brand.

Brand provides founders the ability to hire an excellent team, earn money, and build partnerships. Brand duplicates the founder so that when they’re ready to scale, the founder is everywhere. We have incomparable copywriters, and we still aren’t sure we have a word big enough for the importance of brand.

But when words are lacking, we have action. We want to give promising start-ups the chance to receive big agency services without paying big agency prices immediately because what you are—new blood and fresh ideas—is what we’re made of and believe in.


  • Branding: Discovery, Research, Name, Logo, and VID
  • Website: Design and Development
  • Content Marketing: Social and Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • Investor Material: Pitch Decks, Fact Sheet, Email Marketing Templates
  • Launch Campaigns: Targeted Campaigns (Brand and Product Launch), Trade Show Materials (Banners, Digital Assets, Booth Creative)

Cash not in the bank quite yet? We have compensation models your penny-pinching granny would be proud of.


In collaboration with you, we would define measurable criteria to determine the success of the campaign, by measuring its impact on the business.

Because finances are precious in those early days, we would only require you to pay for services to the degree your business achieves the agreed-upon objective. Not meeting the objective means Chess Club would receive less compensation than quoted. However, if the business exceeds the objective, there would be an opportunity to receive higher compensation than the initial quote. The payment terms will be spread over the period we are measuring.

For example, the measurable criteria might be units sold over the first year, and the payment structure might be 25% of gross margin paid in the month following receipt. But this is completely customizable and will be different for every business!


If you're looking for an investor, there could be potential for Chess Club to help find an investor to pay for agency services in exchange for shared ownership. Chess Club may also choose to invest in lieu of payment.

The investment would be negotiated by considering the services' value and the business's current and future value. In this case, it may be beneficial to consider future marketing and advertising objectives to negotiate several years of support.

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